Welcome to our first ever POP REVIEW!  

POP REVIEWS are book reviews in 100 words or less.  The goal is to create a lasting impression that will help you decide whether or not you want to dive in to any given particular book using extremely selective language.  Because important details must be discarded for the sake of brevity, each POP REVIEW will also come with a summarial ranking and an addendum of important details I would have mentioned in the review if not for the strictly-held word-count limit. 

This will all make sense soon!

And so, without further ado...


This collection of essays discusses topics ranging from Fat Camp to Chris Brown; pervasive Prince Charming mythology to the devastation of gang rape.  Gay had me laughing and glowing one moment and then, in an instant, positively haunted, heartbroken.  She writes brilliantly, honestly, and sometimes scathingly about the demands we hold ourselves accountable to, the (racial/gendered/cultural/political) lens through which we experience the world, what pop culture can do for us even at its most tasteless.  Gay ultimately explains why she considers herself a Bad Feminist, and her arguments resonated with me. I too, am a Bad Feminist.

Addendum, or: What You Should Know Also: How truly funny this book could be; and how equally enraging these stories could be. How hard it was to read just before bed, how much I learned, how connected I felt with somebody else, how badly I want to be Roxanne Gay’s friend.  That the essays range from discussing problematic feminism to race relations and race identity culture and class wars. That Hunger Games, Sweet Valley High, Wendy Davis, sexual violence, the Boston bombers, Trayvon Martin, Lena Dunham, Junot Diaz, trigger warnings, Django Unchained. Tyler Perry, Miss America, Blurred Lines, Yeezus, Fifty Shades of Grey, academia, and so much more are discussed, analyzed, put in context.  And that there is truly so much more. 

Bookspace Rating: Five Stars and a delicious glass of wine.

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