POP REVIEW #6: The Martian

This book has exploded some corners of the internet, and it's poised to get heavy rotation in all media forms come this fall - have you even seen this trailer yet? Originally self-published and later picked up by Crown Publishing and re-released, this was a fast-read made even more exciting by the prospect of seeing it on the big screen (starring, perfectly, Matt Damon). This book made the rounds in my family instantaneously, trading hands until both my brothers, my father, and I had all read it. This was a quick, gripping, hysterical read - it makes you root for NASA's glorious return! For more, I submit the following pop review:

POP Review #6: The Martian, by Andy Weir

An astronaut - trapped on Mars, with only his creativity, genius, and sense of humor to get him through. Luckily, astronaut Mark Watney is brilliant, and also a reaaaaalllly funny guy. I had moments where I had to put the book down because I was shaking so hard with laughter. Granted, it took a couple chapters for me to get to that point - there's enough science in this book to absolutely delight the geek in all of us, and maybe little too much science for some of us, but it's easy enough to skim over those passages. Read this. 

Addendum: This is a quick read, and as I mentioned - delightful in all sorts of ways. There are a number of endearing characters, all of whom fight to get Watney home, yet none as endearing as Mark Watney himself. While the book is obviously science fiction, it's realistic enough to be fascinating to read, as Watney's reasoning seems logical and evidence-based (says me!). But truly, the science part was gripping, especially for my small sample group of science nerds (brothers and father). As someone who leans less hard on engineering and chemistry, I found some of those descriptions a little lengthy. Still, it's amazing to recognize that Watney learns how to CREATE water - I just had to read quickly past a few of those passages. No harm, no foul.  Also, Matt Damon is perfect for this role. Who will join me at the theater this October, to cheer for Mark Watney and the entire Ares 3 Crew???

Bookspace Rating: A free orbit of the moon and ten freeze-dried potatoes. What I mean is, five stars and one mean red planet!