POP REVIEW #4: The Girl on the Train


A friend recently asked me, what's with that new book that everyone's reading on the train? I had to remind her, I no longer live in New York. The train is not a thing in my daily life, or even my recent memory, much less comparing the trends of harried commuters.  But, what was this book?  Should I read it? Where can I find it? The answers are: The Girl on the Train; Probably, yes; An airport bookstore.


This was a fast-paced, riveting story. Not that Gone Girl was the first-ever awesome mystery with only unreliable narrators, but it’s the most recent one I've read to make such a similar impression on me (and it appears every other reviewer agrees with this). And yet - I didn’t want to put it down, and managed to finish it in one day! Decent twists, unreliable and endearing characters. I will likely forget the plot in the coming weeks, since I read it in a matter of hours – but sometimes, you have to love them fast to love them well.  (Right?)

Addendum: A great fast read, at times violent but not anywhere the level of even Life after Life (which had some moments).  But a good fast read.  Bring it on a plane (like I did) - or a train, if you want to be seriously literal.  If you love England, get psyched!  If you don't, it doesn't really matter - it's still a gripping story

Bookspace Rating: A strong English breakfast with three gold stars.