POP REVIEW #3: This is for you

It's almost Valentine's Day, for whatever that is worth to you.   Regardless of the holiday, it's cold outside and sometimes it's nice to feel warm and loved and beautiful when the world is (literally) so cold.  So today I bring you my POP Review or Rob Ryan's This is for You, a beautiful and hauntingly romantic book that is the perfect gift for someone you love (including yourself).  I first came across this book in a boutique that no longer exists in Midtown Detroit, and I fell in love. So without further ado, a few words about this charming illustrated love story.



Rob Ryan’s illustrated book is a delight from cover to cover. The papercut art is gorgeous, and at every page my eyes welled up a little bit because it was so surprising, so charming, so heartfelt. I felt and still feel like this book was perfectly created to be given to the person you love most- it is full of romance and longing and strength and belief and hope. It’s all a little bit twee, I admit, but a beautiful object of curiosity that would be perfect on a nightstand, or for guests to page through on your coffee table.

Addendum: This is a perfect example of a book-as-gift - it's sweet, it's unique, it's short. I love the idea of getting this gift form an admirer, from a significant other, from a longtime partner. I wanted to give this gift to someone and was too shy (it was too early, I thought!) - but, now I think that caution was misplaced.  Because this book should be in our house now.  

Bookspace Rating: Four bursting hearts and a giant bouquet of cascading terracotta roses.