Read at Your Own Risk.

I can't promise you that your life won't be changed for reading these books. I especially adore A Light in the Attic, and remember fondly how it warped my young and nubile mind.   


Here's a link to 100 Classic Books that have been banned, including Rabbit, Run; Lolita; Lord of the Rings; The Great Gatsby; Huckleberry Finn; Of Mice and Men, and so many more.  Where would tenth-grade English courses be if not for banned books?

It's almost laughable until you remember that in parts of the country, people are still threatening to ban books and even burn them. It's still the middle-ages out there, folks, and if you think about it too thoughtfully you might get scared.  

Oscar Wilde had it about right, when he said:

"The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame."

So let's save the Bonfire of the Vanities for another time (or never) and just indulge in some world-shaking storytelling, these week and all weeks.