The first.

Bookspace Detroit is born of the confluences of serious necessity and many happy accidents.  Driving from our home in downtown Detroit to the nearest open bookstore during one of those awful wintry days this season was the first time the thought entered my mind - we should have this. 

Detroit should have a plethora of places to go and to browse, to be inspired by magical periodicals that feel like they are just waiting to be discovered by the right person,  clever titles artfully arranged by genre, by season, by author.  Detroit has so much and more, and yet not this. Not yet.


At this moment I'm down in Amelia Island, waiting for my book workshop to begin.  I cannot wait to immerse myself in the study of the business, in the realities and opportunities for a small and independent bookseller.  Paz and Associates is a 'Bookstore Training Group' who aims to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams to own a bookstore, to make a living doing something they love.  Everything from architecture consultants to business plan reviews, merchandising support and location analysis - we cover it all. How solid will this be? How much content, how much value?  

And who is joining me?  I hope to journal every day this week to record the most fascinating bits I learn, or the most troubling, or the most illuminating.  Or the most damning. No one knows.

But my hotel room is nice and cool, a Breaking Bad marathon is on TV.  I'm tired and a little hungry, so I guess I'll just go back to sleep.

Until tomorrow.