Bookspace Detroit was a dream born out of necessity. As a resident of Detroit, Tara couldn't help but miss the casual convenience of a neighborhood bookseller - not to mention the romance of a beautiful bookstore. She has met people over coffee, but more often over a book. Detroit has its fair share of independent retail joints with beautifully curated pieces for the home, for your wardrobe, even for some reading shelves - but nothing that encapsulates a truly holistic home library. Not somewhere where you could discover something totally unexpected just as easily as find exactly what you are looking for, be it a new release or a long-forgotten childhood favorite.

Detroit has more and more places for a meeting of the minds, to gather over art, over books, over civic engagement and common causes and fashion and frivolity and fervor. But not a bookstore. Not the right space. Not one place that combines literacy and beauty and comfort and experience and worlds apart in one.

Our Story

Bookspace Detroit is undergoing major change, growth, and actualization.  In the next few months, we will have a lot more information about the forces behind this incredible new venture.